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Curious about your own house? When you will buy house? What should be the vastu of your house?

Get answers of all yours queries and the detailed report of your queries based on Lal Kitab/ Red Book.

The below will be the all output of this report :

  • Making House Kundli on the Basis of Lagna, Bhav Chalit and Lal Kitab Moon Kundli.
  • One can Draw House Kundli (Makan Kundli) of Existing house based on Lal Kitab Principles.
  • Analysis of House Kundli (Makan Kundli) on the basis of Saturn as well as all planets and remedies according to placement.
  • Rules and Precautions related to Houses
  • Vastu and Panch Tatwa
  • Directions of rooms in House, Precautions and Remedies
  • Prediction and Remedies from Saturn situated in House Chart (Makaan Kundli)
  • Precautions and Remedies/Totke for House Chart (Makaan Kundli)

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