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Looking for solution of your problems, buy our Astro Remedies report and get Gem recommendation, Rudraksha recommendation, Results of Sun according to its position in your Kundli and remedies, yantra, Mantra to make your Sun powerfull. Get all astrological solutions here.

  • Recommendation for Ascendant Based Gems and for Nakshatra Based Rudraksha.
  • Recommendation for Thithi based Rudraksha and for JanamRashi Based Rudraksha.
  • Recommendation for Lagna Based Rudraksha (Recommendation and Method of wearing with Mantra).
  • Result of Sun according to its position in house/sign and remedies for Sun (Gems, Mantra, Yantra and Remedies).
  • Birth on complete dark night (Amavashya) day.
  • Debilitated Sun (Kartik Masa) Birth and Birth on Sun Sankranti day.
  • Sarpshirsha blemish.
  • Birth during KrantiSamya or Mahapat.
  • Sapat (Sun with Rahu or Ketu) blemish.
  • Fasting (Vrata) for planet Sun.
  • Use of Roots to pacify the malefic effects of Sun.
  • Hawan stuffs used to pacify the malefic effects of planet Sun.
  • Method and Mantras for pouring water (Arghya) on Sun.
  • Easy remedies for planet Sun and Yantra for Planet Sun.
  • Bath and Donation for planet Sun.

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