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This report will help you understand the highest potential of your chart and how luck is going to favour you in your future. It would provide you a great relief to understand the special periods of your life when you will be greatly helped by the amplified effects of Yogas and how their results will manifest in your life. This would also help you plan your life effectively.

  • Prediction about different Rajyogs in your Kundli (horoscope) and their positive effects on your life.
  • Weekday Predictions, Nakshatra (Birth Star Prediction) Prediction, Birth lagna predictions, Birth thithi predictions, Various Birth kalika predictions
  • Prediction about : Your inner qualities, Mental condition, Positive traits, Negative traits, Your best quality, Suitable business for you
  • Prediction about different bad yogas in your kundli (horoscope) and precautions.
  • Prediction about different combination of planets and their effects on your life.

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